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The Resource Efficiency Pledge is a nationwide scheme backed by Scottish Government to help Scottish businesses use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently throughout their operations. Since 2014, nearly 200 organisations across Scotland have taken steps to save money and strengthen their businesses through the Pledge.

With access to free technical support and branded marketing materials, your business will get the assistance it needs to implement changes and promote its commitment to the environment and the economy.

Our dedicated tools are available online and over the phone, and our Advice and Support Service advisors can provide support to help you identify the most appropriate Pledge Actions for your organisation. Other resources, such as the SME Loan scheme for small- and medium-sized enterprises or online training, can give your organisation the support it needs to succeed.

Since the launch of the programme, we’ve helped more than 4,000 businesses and organisations to implement projects with lifetime savings of £237 million, saving over a million tonnes of CO2.

Take action now to capitalise on these savings. Sign up and make a Resource Efficiency Pledge today.

Who can Pledge?

Any business with operations in Scotland. If you have authority to commit your organisation to the Resource Efficiency Pledge, select your actions now and start realising savings.

Pledging for prestige

The Pledge has four levels of achievement, each building on the commitment of the previous. The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum reward system recognizes Scottish businesses that are steadfast in their year-on-year sustainable growth.

In working toward a Pledge level, your organisation chooses a minimum of three actions to be completed within a year. Four key action areas - business process, staff engagement, supply chain and custom actions - offer broad opportunities for progress.

Become an Ambassador for resource efficiency

Does your business have a large network and influence over a variety of industry partners? Are you a trade body, public sector organisation or industry association? You will have what it takes to inspire and lead positive change in Scotland as an Ambassador. Find out more here.