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Becoming a Ambassador is an ideal way to promote the importance of resource efficiency to your members, affiliates and the sector supply chain.

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Fly the flag for resource efficiency

“Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland are delighted to be working with Zero Waste Scotland as an Ambassador to the Resource Efficiency Pledge. The hospitality sector is vital to Scotland’s economy; the industry is constantly innovating to deliver quality products and services at competitive prices. Sustainability is key, recognised by the sectors commitment to managing resources. We are proud to support the Resource Efficient Pledge and promote the benefits of Resource Efficiency to the hospitality industry.”

David Cochrane, Chief Executive Officer HIT Scotland

Are you an influential business, trade body or membership organisation, or local authority with a commitment to protecting Scotland’s environment and the long term sustainability of Scottish businesses?

Why not sign up as an Ambassador and get involved in promoting the benefits of resource efficiency within your local community, membership base or supply chain.  As trusted sources of information for your contacts, we believe you can play a key role in bringing our messages to a wider audience and encouraging others to take action.

Reducing resource reduces overheads, cuts costs and helps future-proof business. 

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