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“With Byres Road and the surrounding area having some of the highest business rates and rent in Scotland, making the Resource Efficiency pledge is a great way for tenants to cut back on spending whilst taking responsibility for their emissions and waste. Resource Efficient Scotland is on hand to provide expert advice and help signatories identify the best actions to commit to in order to maximise their savings. The rapid uptake among our member traders since making the pledge ourselves is very encouraging, and we are sure the rest of our members will follow suit.”

Eddie Roscoe, Byres Road Traders Association project manager

The Byres Road Traders Association (BRTA) is encouraging members to save money and improve their environmental performance by becoming ambassadors of the Resource Efficiency Pledge, with four traders already signing up to the initiative.

Restaurant the Ubiquitous Chip, gallery and art trader By Distinction Art, tea lounge Cup Glasgow and T-shirt printing store The Hoodie Stop have made the Resource Efficiency Pledge, a free initiative that asks businesses and organisations to show their commitment to the environment by taking action to enhance their green credentials.

To make the Resource Efficiency Pledge, organisations are asked to commit to complete a number of ‘actions’ within 12 months to reduce their impact on the environment.  Pledgers are supported by Zero Waste Scotland's Energy Efficiency Business Support service.

Pledging is Easy! Why Make a Pledge?

Your business can save money, improve productivity and gain national recognition by pledging to go green.

The Resource Efficiency Pledge gives you access to free, one-to-one technical support tailored to your business through Zero Waste Scotland. Your business will receive branded marketing materials to help you promote your commitment and differentiate your organisation within the business community.

By making simple changes to be resource efficient, your business can save money, reduce risk and increase competitiveness - all while maximising sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

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