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“The Resource Efficiency Pledge is a chance for the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body to build on its already ambitious environmental targets. Our plan to reduce our carbon footprint by 42% by 2020 from the baseline year of 2006 is on course to be achieved and the carbon management plan continues to deliver reductions in our carbon emissions.”

David McGill, Scottish Parliament Assistant Chief Executive

The Scottish Parliament has become the latest organisation to take part in the national Resource Efficiency Pledge scheme.

The Resource Efficiency Pledge is led by Zero Waste Scotland's Business Energy Efficiency Support service, which works with businesses to help them reduce their energy and carbon emissions.

By making the Pledge, businesses can choose a number of actions that will help to reduce their use of energy, water and raw materials, and also provides a way to demonstrate they are environmentally responsible.

The Scottish Parliament will be an official Resource Efficiency Pledge Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, the Scottish Parliament will work with businesses to promote the scheme and support them to make savings. In doing so the Parliament has committed to:

  • Embedding resource efficiency in its own operations;
  • Actively contributing to achieving a low carbon economy for Scotland.

Pledging is Easy! Why Make a Pledge?

Your business can save money, improve productivity and gain national recognition by pledging to go green.

The Resource Efficiency Pledge gives you access to free, one-to-one technical support tailored to your business through Zero Waste Scotland. Your business will receive branded marketing materials to help you promote your commitment and differentiate your organisation within the business community.

By making simple changes to be resource efficient, your business can save money, reduce risk and increase competitiveness - all while maximising sustainable economic growth in Scotland.

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